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Ghana sees compelling secondary benefits from green bonds

Apart from nudging firms towards more climate friendly activities, green bonds are also beneficial in that they promote better governance and reporting standards. By Justin Pugsley

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Credit risk and operational resilience named as National Bank of Rwanda’s top supervisory priorities

Gaining more insight into the credit risk profiles, the capital strength and operational resilience of Rwanda’s banks are among the top supervisory priorities for the nation’s central bank, as the sector adapts to remote working to help curb the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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From Saad to Abraaj: governance and transparency in the Middle East

Some high profile collapses have prompted regulatory improvements in the Middle East, but there is still some work to be done around governance. By Christian Tuddenham, partner at Jenner & Block.


Dubai’s banks adapt to tougher economic and regulatory environment

Tougher economic conditions and more intrusive supervision is forcing banks in Dubai to consolidate to preserve margins and profitability

Dubai accepts seven fintechs to apply for innovation testing licence

The DFSA has given seven fintech firms the go ahead to apply for an innovation testing licence in Dubai to further develop their solutions.

Smaller UAE banks under regulatory pressure to merge

UAE market widely considered to be over-banked which is seeing regulators applying pressure on them to merge so as to help strengthen the financial system

Kenya seeks to regulate fintech lending boom

Kenya is seeking to stop fintech firms from getting around the rules designed to prevent extortionate interest rates levels. Justin Pugsley reports.


African regulators ponder changes to support fintech

Supporting the unbanked will require a careful nurturing of new ideas if Africa is to develop more champions like M-Pesa, and that also means altering regulatory structures to support innovation. By Dan Barnes.

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South Africa unleashes twin peaks revolution

South Africa is following in the footsteps of a number of other countries in adopting a twin-peaks model for its regulatory institutions. Though the move is designed to improve the country's supervision, there is some scepticism, around its design and its motives


Qatari banks weathering heat of Gulf sanctions

In the face of sanctions by other Gulf states - Qatari banks have demonstrated remarkable resilience. But as the spat drags on it could start to weaken them over the course of 2018 even as the state is more than capable of providing strong support if necessary