Stephan Dreyer

Industry readies for release of new identifier for digital assets

Industry demand is driving the need for a new type of identifier, and one which looks specifically at digital assets

FSB to publish recommendations to strengthen money market funds

The Financial Stability Board (FSB) will make recommendations to make money market funds (MMF) more resilient so they do not need public sector support next time markets are in turmoil as happened last March due to the Covid-9 pandemic, said Federal Reserve Board vice chair for supervision and FSB chair, Randal Quarles.

Administrators progress in removal of Ibors from sterling and yen financial products

Efforts towards permanently expunging the tarnished interbank offered rates (Ibor) from the financial system are progressing as they are no longer allowed for some UK cash products, while moves are being made to end their use for euroyen products.


Polls suggest some banks will struggle to meet Basel III deadlines

Two surveys reveal mixed progress among banks in meeting deadlines to implement the revised Basel III framework suggesting that some may struggle to be ready on time with FRTB proving to be particularly taxing. By Justin Pugsley

Big tech

Big techs may need special rules if they move into finance

Firms with varying business models face particular operational risks and therefore may need to be subject to tailored regulations and supervision

Stress testing for climate change could influence bank capital levels

Banks and insurers across the world are likely to face climate-related stress tests in the next two to three years as the issue rises up the regulatory agenda with implications for capital levels, Fitch Ratings said in a note on March 15. 

DTCC advocates three pronged approach to improve OTC derivatives market transparency

To increase transparency in global derivatives markets, there is a need to iron out cross jurisdictional differences, to improve messaging and to plough more resources into the governance of product identifiers, the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC) said in a report. 

Alex Dorfmann

Basel III reforms: why it’s heads in the cloud time for banks

Banks must keep cool and not be intimidated by the approach of the next revision to Basel. 

Thomas Wipf

Tough legacy contracts slow transition away from Libor

Letting go of “the world’s most important number” – Libor – is proving harder than regulators had hoped, and new draft laws designed to settle “tough legacy” contracts are no panacea. 

Steve Bishop

Digitisation rush leaves supervisors concerned about cyber risks

Last year a major cyber attack, known as SolarWinds, infiltrated the IT systems of hundreds of organisations across the globe, causing data breaches for multinational corporations, the US government and even the European parliament.