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Failure to enact solutions is holding CMU back

A panel of industry experts at an AFME conference called on EU authorities to focus on balance and investor outcomes as part of their regulatory review partly meant to infuse momentum into the Capital Markets Union


Transition to new interest rate benchmarks remains challenging despite DOJ ruling

An important set of protocols to help the transition away from the tarnished Ibors to alternative interest rate benchmarks have been given the green light by the US Department of Justice, but the industry still faces an uphill task in being ready on time 

Francis Maude

Growing EU-UK financial services rivalry driving divergence

The EU is making revisions to its regulatory framework suggesting that it wants to deregulate to take on the UK in financial services, a move which could see the two jurisdictions quickly diverge on their rulebooks.

Alan Houmann - Citi

UK’s financial services ambitions could boost City of London

As the UK disentangles itself from the EU, it is showing that it has big ambitions to foster more cross-border financial services trade, a move which if successful, could prove to be a boon for the City of London  

Olivia Perney

Banks can weather the pandemic storm

Analysts are confident that most banks can cope with the economic impact of a second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic, but they warn that losses could nonetheless pile up

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Banks gear up for tougher stress tests

Covid-19 and climate change are sending supervisors back to the drawing board when it comes to the design of stress tests to ensure banks are fully prepared for an increasingly uncertain future

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Senate suggestions to quickly boost Australian fintech prove controversial

A senate committee has put forward 32 recommendations to produce some quick wins for the Australian fintech and regtech sectors, but its approach on some areas has upset Labour politicians and consumer protection groups

Wind and solar

Mixed evidence that green bonds are accelerating transition to low carbon economy

Are green bonds really playing a part in decarbonising the economy? The BIS, for one, has some doubts and to help make sure these securities more closely match their moniker, it has suggested a carbon rating system specifically for firms

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Whistleblowing increasingly seen by regulators as important for exposing misconduct

Some regulators are beginning to see the benefits of whistleblowing in helping them route out misconduct, but so far, there is a reluctance to mirror some aspects of the US approach

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Securities regulators turn to technology to make better sense of data

Technology is driving greater market transparency for supervisors, however, a lot of data is still going to waste meaning that there is still much work to be done before the data is used to its full potential.

Alexander McGill

Preparing for the shift to digital regulatory reporting

The UK regulator’s Digital Regulatory Reporting initiative could dramatically reduce reporting costs, but such digital technologies will require significant investment that financial firms need to prepare for

Daniela Klasen-Martin

Towards a greener future: a defence of the EU’s taxonomy laws

EU regulators are hoping to attract huge flows of private capital into green investments, through regulatory initiatives such as the green benchmarks, in a bid to create a more sustainable economy 

How are banks managing Covid-19 operational risks?